Going Down The List: Wake Up, Girls!


I’m just going to say it out loud: Wake Up Girls did not leave a lasting impression on me. Yamakan’s (Yutaka Yamamoto) attempt at creating a great hit idol show failed. The social commentary on the “dark underside of the idol industry” ended up feeling creepy instead of insightful. The show (or at least the TV broadcast) was also occasionally plagued by some really bad animation, which made it kind of disappointing and unpleasant to watch as a whole.

GDTL Wake Up Girls 1

That particular problem was highlighted even further by the fact that the prequel movie, which serves as an introduction to the TV series, looked pretty good, and it had a very impressive and climactic live performance scene. It also had a very solid story, and now that I think about it it’s probably my favourite introduction to an idol show. It’s sad, then, that the TV series failed to live up to the movie, but sometimes that happens, and it’s not like I (or anyone else I know) had any great expectations for the show.

GDTL Wake Up Girls 2

The show did, however, surprise me pleasantly with its music. Tachiagare and 7 Girls War in particular are two songs that I like listening to as songs in their own right (in contrast to ), which is a feat that, for me, no other idol show aside from AKB0048 (and Macross Delta) has pulled off. I guess I also liked the character designs and characters in general in Wake Up Girls, but the only thing that really stuck with me was the music. So in my opinion the show did do at least something right.

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