Going Down The List: White Album 2


Since Spring 2013 I’ve been watching tens of new anime every season. The fact that I’m not omniscient, however, means that sometimes a good show slips through the cracks, meaning I don’t pick it up immediately even after researching all the upcoming shows intently. White Album 2, which aired in Fall 2013, was one such show. It took 4 weeks of people telling me it’s really good to finally get me to try it. And I’m glad I did. The reason I didn’t pick it up at first is that I thought the original White Album was a prequel and a requirement to understand White Album 2, but this turned out not to be true.

GDTL White Album 2 1

Unlike many other romance anime, White Album 2 is more about the drama than the comedy. It’s not completely devoid of humour, the chemistry between the main characters includes a lot of ribbing and joking at each other’s expense, but I wouldn’t call it a romcom. This meant that, to me, White Album 2 was a huge breath of fresh air when I eventually decided to pick it up, because most of the romance shows I’d been watching over the past year or so had been romcoms.

GDTL White Album 2 2

In practice, White Album 2’s focus on drama meant that its characters did not constantly make fools of themselves, nor were there many (or maybe even any) dedicated comic relief characters. The story felt very tight, and it was enjoyable (though occasionally painful) to watch the characters develop, have and show, feelings for each other without distractions. And as it is a musical-themed show, White Album 2 also had some really memorable songs, Todokanai Koi and the eponymous White Album being the most prominent ones. I still sometimes get emotional when I hear those two songs. They remind me of the short but very good experience I had with White Album 2.


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