Going Down The List: Wooser no Sono Higurashi


Wooser is a mostly featureless rabbit-like yellow blob. He’s incredibly selfish, narcissistic and arrogant, and he is probably addicted to Twitter (something he has in common with me). The show, Wooser no Sono Higurashi, is all about him and his desires (except when it isn’t) which, according to him, are all great. Basically, the universe of Wooser revolves around Wooser (sometimes he is the universe), and that’s also what the show is all about.

GDTL Wooser 1

I’m not the biggest fan of the meanness of Wooser’s character, and so I’m also not the biggest fan of the anime, but fortunately Wooser is not the only characters in the show. Rin and Len are pretty good, especially when not caring about Wooser’s antics, and Darth Wooser is great because he’s voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya. And on a related topic, Wooser does have a good aspect: He’s voiced by Mamoru Miyano. The anime also does itself a favour by having lots of references to other anime and pop culture, without which it would probably be fairly boring. It’s worth checking out in my opinion.


One thought on “Going Down The List: Wooser no Sono Higurashi

  1. I made a mistake of watching the 1st season of Wooser in a train, which means I didn’t really hear Miyano and it took the enjoyment. Watched the rest in a silent room, really liked the voices and the crossovers, especially with Miss Monochrome, whom I love :)

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