Going Down The List: Yama no Susume


I don’t remember much about the first season of Yama no Susume, probably because the episodes were only 3 minutes long, but I remember the second season like it was just yesterday that it aired, and it’s actually already been over 2 years since it ended. That’s how much of an impression this show about mountain-climbing made on me.

GDTL Yama no Susume 1

And it’s not because the show was outstanding in any way. No, for the most part it was a show about cute girls doing cute things (and spending painfully large amounts of money on climbing gear). But the parts where they actually did mountain climbing, those were very memorable. In part because it felt like there was effort put into making the show informative (pacing when climbing, proper intake of energy, when to rest, stuff like that), but also because the sense of achievement felt by the characters when reaching the summit was almost palpable. It was a very enjoyable show in that way, and I warmly recommend it to everyone.

GDTL Yama no Susume 2



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