Going Down The List: Yoru no Yatterman


Yoru no Yatterman aired in Winter 2015, which was the last season before I started blogging about anime. On one hand it is unfortunate that I didn’t start the season before, because I would have had so much to say about Yoru no Yatterman, but on the other hand I think the show was a subconscious influence in favour of my decision to start writing about anime. Some of the reasons behind this were positive, others were negative.

GDTL Yoru no Yatterman 1

On the positive side, in its early episodes the show did a great job of turning the usual hero-villain dynamic on its head with the Doronbow being the protagonists and Yatterman being the antagonist (in the older Yatterman installments, Yatterman was the hero). The show surprised me with how dark it was, and it actually had some insightful commentary on society and humanity. The first few episodes were particularly good in this regard.

GDTL Yoru no Yatterman 2

Approximately halfway through the show, however, I felt like the writing took a nosedive. There were a few episodes in which seemingly nothing interesting happened, and the story lost a lot of steam toward the end. And then there was the case of the final episode, which was a production disaster. It was clearly unfinished in terms of animation (certain shots were repeated over and over again), and as a result the show ended with a forgettable whimper instead of the bang it was aiming for. An unfortunate fate, but hey, at least I wrote about it here.


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