Going Down The List: Yosuga no Sora


Yosuga no Sora is based on a visual novel so it didn’t come to me as a surprise that it contains nudity and suggestive themes, but the fact that it’s more explicit than basically all other VN adaptations I’ve seen was surprising. It’s basically softcore pornography right on the cusp of being hardcore. It’s definitely not a show you want to show your parents, and probably not even to friends who happen to otherwise like VN adaptations. Nevertheless, the legend of Yosuga no Sora spreads as word by mouth in basically every anime community due to its infamy.

GDTL Yosuga no Sora 1

A large part, probably the majority, of this infamy is because of the incest. There’s an incestuous relationship in the show, and it’s explicitly sexual. Admittedly, hearing about this element of the show was what originally made me want to watch it, but I was still shocked when I saw that scene. And I imagine that was the intended reaction, because it really felt like they tried to make something really shocking that isn’t violent (looking at you, School Days).

GDTL Yosuga no Sora 2

The show wasn’t all shocking stuff and sex, though. I actually liked some of the character drama, and the show looked and sounded great (the soundtrack is fantastic). One might be poised to conclude that it’s unfortunate that the show is so explicitly adult when it has so many themes and story elements that people could relate to, but I say that maybe the drama wouldn’t be as enjoyable if it wasn’t attached to unhinged lust. Food for thought, in my opinion.


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