Going Down The List: Yozakura Quartet – Hana no Uta


My memories of the early parts of watching Yozakura Quartet are pretty hazy. I have no memory of why I decided to pick it up, nor do I remember seeing any promo material that might have piqued my interest. I also don’t remember much about the first few episodes of the show, beside the fact that it seemed like no one else was watching it.

GDTL Yozakura Quartet 1

What I do remember is thinking the show was pretty mediocre at first. The story, world and character relationships were confusing, and the panty shots – no matter how casual and non-fanservice-y they were made to look – definitely narrowed the appeal of the show. I continued watching the show only because back then I was bad at making the decision to drop a show.

GDTL Yozakura Quartet 2

At some point, however, I started really liking the show. I don’t remember the number of the particular episode, but I do remember the reason: The action scenes. Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta is beautifully animated, especially during the battles, and this allows it to go pretty far just with the rule of cool. The OVA side stories Hana no Umi and Tsuki ni Naku are pretty great too, and I feel they’re were less confusing when it comes to the story, which can be a good thing. All in all Yozakura Quartet is a fun little show, particularly when it does action.


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