Going Down The List: Yuru Yuri


The first season of Yuru Yuri was one of the first anime I watched. I was enthralled. I didn’t realise there were shows out there with cute girls doing cute things of very little significance. Because that’s basically the essence of Yuru Yuri, and it rarely tries to do anything else, for better or for worse. But I loved it a lot.

GDTL Yuru Yuri

And I continued loving it throughout the second season. And the OVA, Nachuyachumi, as well as its sequel, Nachuyachumi+, and the third season. It’s kind of difficult to actually say anything about it because the show doesn’t do a lot of stuff that is worth talking about (at least in a post like this). It feels like it’s just there to be enjoyed, nothing more, nothing less.

GDTL Yuru Yuri 2


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