Going Down The List: Yuyushiki


I must make a confession, a confession that might make me unpopular: I didn’t actually like Yuyushiki that much. I watched it all when it aired, but I haven’t touched it since July 2013. I wasn’t very excited when I heard there was going to be an OVA many years later (I was more interested in the Kiniro Mosaic OVA), and I’m not even a big fan of all the fan art.

GDTL Yuyushiki 1

However, Yuyushiki is one of those few shows that I want to give a second chance to. The reason, in this case, is that it’s become a phenomenon larger than the ones you see for most other quirky comedy shows (Shimoseka was like that for a while, but after it ended I’ve heard very little talk about it). People really like it, and not just because of the lesbian “subtext”.

GDTL Yuyushiki 2

Yuyushiki is an interesting show in that it’s very much a crazy comedy at times, but it’s also cute and charming, and occasionally even relaxing. The crazy comedy aspect of it gives it many memorable moments, while the charm makes its characters very likeable. It is, in the end, a pretty well-rounded show, to the point where I can see myself liking it the second time around, even though I didn’t particularly care for it when it aired.


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