Going Down The List: Zankyou no Terror


Like most, if not all, of the shows Shinichiro Watanabe has been involved in, Zankyou no Terror has an air of quality and refinement to it that to some extent sets it apart from other shows, and definitely from most of the other shows airing in the same season that ZnT aired in (Summer 2014) – I’m looking at you Aldnoah.Zero. To use some ambiguous terminology that I’m not overly fond of, I’d say that Zankyou no Terror looked more “adult” than most anime nowadays.

GDTL Zankyou no Terror 1

It wasn’t constantly high-quality, though, because very few shows ever are. The writing was not always the best, for instance. I didn’t like the silly scenes with Lisa that much, the ending was not as satisfying as I’d liked it to be, and the whole arc with Five was mostly terrible. As a whole, the show was far from perfect, but it was the little things that made it enjoyable for me. The relationship between Lisa and Twelve, Shibazaki’s investigations into the origin of Nine and Twelve, and the soundtrack by Yoko Kanno made for some very memorable moments, and I think that counts for something.

GDTL Zankyou no Terror 2

Zankyou no Terror is not even close to being my favourite Shinichiro Watanabe show, but I do think it’s worth watching, if for nothing else then for the themes. I thought the commentary surrounding militarisation and the ethical questions involved as well as their effect on civilians was very intriguing. It’s not an uncommon theme, shows about post-war Japan often bring up the nuclear attacks and the influence of the US military afterward, but it’s one that I find interesting.

Well, that’s it for Going Down The List, because this is currently the last item on my list. It’s been a fun ride, with lots of good memories and some annoying ones, but it’s also been a whole lot of work, and I’m starting to get busier and busier with trying to make a career for myself, so it’s a good time to end this series. This means that even though a bunch of new shows have appeared in my list that I haven’t written about yet, I will not be doing another pass of the list, at least not in the foreseeable future. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for reading!

I will however try to continue writing first impressions for at least a few shows every new season, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll have time even for just that, so consider this an announcement that I’m going on semi-hiatus. But I’ll be back some day.


2 thoughts on “Going Down The List: Zankyou no Terror

  1. I really enjoyed Terror In Resonance. I agree that Five was mostly silly and unnecessary but I really enjoyed the rest of the show and I liked how the characters dealt with the various things that came up. Looking forward to future posts, whenever you get around to it.

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