Summer 2017 First Impressions: Part 3

Senki Zesshou Symphogear AXZ

Well, it took a while to get subtitles (Crunchyroll please license this), but I can finally write about this sequel that I was highly excited for. Symphogear is one of my favourite series of all time (even though GX was lacking in some respects), so I’d been looking forward to AXZ for quite some time.

Summer 2017 Symphogear

This is new!

And the first episode of AXZ was… ok? I found the plot and the storytelling of the first episode very confusing and disconnected, to the point where I don’t really understand what kinds of themes and points the show is trying to go for. I did not have this problem with G or GX, so it’s kind of disappointing. Hopefully the show gets more straightforward from here on, because its strengths are kind of dependent on that.

Visually, though, the first episode looked fantastic. It compared favourably even to the first episode of GX, which was a very fun flashy action sequence. I’m not sold on the songs yet, but it always takes some time for me, so I’m not worried. This is probably going to be a very entertaining season of Symphogear.


Koi to Uso

The story of this show is that due to declining birth rates, the Japanese government has decided to force people into marriage with “suitable” partners. Yeah, it’s even more ridiculous than the show where lewdness is forbidden (Shimoseka), at least in my opinion. The episode starts with a news report on the wedding between an “average Joe” and a famous idol, so the show also ticks the box as an otaku fantasy.

Summer 2017 Koi to Uso

I can’t get over how bad the main character looks.

The first episode is not very good. The main character’s character design is awful, and the character designs in general look like cheap and weird imitations of the designs in Scum’s Wish. A lot does happen to the characters in the first episode, but it’s nothing that I haven’t seen before, and it was very bland. Yeah, I’m dropping this show with not a lot of hesitation.


Aho Girl

A short-format show (13-minute episodes) about a stupid girl and a serious boy. The show is funny, the comedic timing is on point, and it looks great (the faces are fantastic). It’s very much up my alley. Unfortunately, however, it’s occasionally very mean-spirited toward its titular character, and that disappointed me. Hopefully the rest of the episodes focus more on the funny stuff and less on being mean toward the main character just because she’s different.

Summer 2017 Aho Girl

My spirit animal!


Tsuredure Children

Also a short-format show with 13-minute episodes, but this is a bit different. The first episode, at least, is a series of vignettes about different pairs of teenagers, with the main theme being love. There was very little story to speak of, but I found the characters and the moments between them to be very sweet (with one exception, the one with the blackmailing student council president). I’ll happily watch this every week.

Summer 2017 Tsuredure Children

Some great faces in this show as well.


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