Fall 2017 First Impressions: Part 6

Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World – The Animated Series

Wow, I could probably crank out a few thousand words on the story of this episode, but there’s two reasons I won’t do that: Firstly, it would take too long (it’s Sunday and I don’t want to work too much). Secondly, the theme of “a country where murder is not prohibited” kind of makes me uncomfortable in the context of the current state of the real world.

Fall 2017 Kino no Tabi

A pretty classic-looking Kino shot.

But what I can say is that to my surprise, this feels like the first Kino’s Journey anime. It looks quite different (even though I can see that they’ve at least somewhat tried to preserve the art style of the original), and the voice actors are not the same as in the first series, but in terms of dialogue and atmosphere, it feels very familiar. Which probably means I’ll really enjoy watching it. One thing I’m wondering about, though, is how this series will relate to the first one. Will it mostly be new stories (such as the one in this episode), or will there be significant overlap?

Verdict: Surprised by how much I liked it. Continuing


Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru: Washio Sumi no Shou

Well, that was… alright. After the way the first anime ended, I kind of lost all hope in this series becoming anything spectacular or outstanding, but this was not a bad first episode. I’m actually interested in learning about the backstory of the characters, so I’ll probably prefer this part to the one that will be a sequel to the first anime. And for those of you who are big fans of the series, the first 6 episodes of this anime are the same as the 3 theatrical Washio Sumi movies, so if you haven’t seen those you can just watch this instead. Though you probably already knew that.

Fall 2017 Yuuki Yuuna

This was a cool shot (no pun intended).

Anyway, this first episode was pretty good. It did a quick reintroduction to the heroes and the Vertex, and it had a really good-looking fight scene. The comedy is still, well, somewhat misplaced in my opinion, but the dramatic bits were good and felt like they made sense. I’m still not hopeful that this show will ever become fantastic, but I’ll continue it for now, because it’s okay.

Verdict: It’s fine, alright and okay. Continuing.


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