Fall 2017 First Impressions: Part 7

Garo: Vanishing Line

I quite liked the first Garo anime, Honoo no Kokuin, but the second one, Guren no Tsuki, was pretty terrible. As for Vanishing Line it, perhaps fortunately, reminds me of neither of the first two anime when it comes to story and setting, though visually it’s somewhat reminiscent of Honoo no Kokuin. It’s set in modern times, and the main character is a very muscular macho man. I’m not a huge fan of machismo in general, though I used to be at one point, but in this case the main character is exaggerated (which you can tell by the size of his motorcycle, and the steak he eats) so much that I find it sort of adorable. At least so far.

Fall 2017 Garo

I’m so hungry…

I also really like the other main character, Sophie. Her character design is great, and I hope she gets to have an active role. Other than that, the show looks really good, and the action is awesome. It’s a good start.

Verdict: Good first episode. Continuing.


Love Live! Sunshine! 2nd Season

Just like the first episode of the 2nd Season of the original Love Live, this episode wastes no time to get to the meat of the show. Chika still really wants to shine, presumably by winning the Love Live, and the first episode is very focused on her motivation and conviction, and how they waver when faced with adversity. It wasn’t quite as dramatically fantastic as the better episodes of the first season, but this was a great start to an anime that I’ve been looking forward to for a year.

Fall 2017 Love Live Sunshine

I couldn’t not use this shot.

Of course, Chika wasn’t the only one to get some good scenes in the first episode. Kanan and Mari had some great drama once again (in addition to Mari’s usual antics, that is), and the first-years provided good comic relief. Riko also plays a pretty important supporting role to Chika. You and Dia didn’t stand out very much, but that’s alright, they have plenty of episodes to get their own spotlight moments.

Verdict: It was everything I wanted it to be. I’m so happy.


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