Fall 2017 First Impressions: Part 9


I tried to keep my expectations modest when I decided to pick this show up, because I still vividly remember that time last year when there were like 3 male idol shows every season, and every one of them ended up being boring. Then again, Starmyu exists, and I love that, so I thought “maybe there’s hope”. And yeah, it turned out I was right to be hopeful, because the premiere of Side M was pretty good.

Fall 2017 Side M

Other people’s reaction when I try to sing. …Probably.

The first episode was similar to the first episodes of Cinderella Girls both in story (a character gets recruited, meets other newcomers, and learns to work with them) and in visuals (the show is animated by A-1 pictures once again). This is a sign that I’ll probably enjoy the rest of the show (or at least most of it) as well, even if I’m not as into the characters as in Cinderella Girls and the original anime.

Verdict: Surprisingly enjoyable. Continuing.


Two Car

This… was not exactly what I expected it to be. I expected a slice of life and/or school show with a light sport aspect to it, but instead I got a full-fledged racing sports show. Well, at least that’s what the first episode was about. The focus on the racing may get scaled back a bit in future episodes, which I would welcome, but even if it doesn’t, I think it’ll be a reasonably enjoyable show. Sidecar racing is not something I’m familiar with, and I always like seeing new things like that.

Fall 2017 Two Car

I think this qualifies as a kiss.

My favourite thing about the first episode was the main characters. Having a team of two girls that is this tightly knit is not very common (Dirty Pair comes to mind, even though I haven’t read or seen it), and I thought the character interactions were really well-written. The drama between them was like out of a pretty good character drama show or movie, and they’re honestly just adorable together. I like this kind of stuff.

Verdict: Not what I expected, but pretty good. Continuing.


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