Spring 2018 First Impressions: Part 5

Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai

I really wanted to like this show, and not just for one reason. Firstly, the main character is apparently an amateur photographer like me (he even has the exact same camera as me), so because of that I was immediately hooked in. Secondly, Alexandra is just a lovely – albeit archetypal – character, and I very much considered continuing the show just for her.

Spring 2018 Tadakoi

She looks very much like Maki from Love Live and that’s a good thing.

Alas, the rest of the first episode was not as captivating. Most noticeably, the show looks kind of bad. Partially because of the substandard encoding (at least I think I’m experienced enough to recognise when the poor visual quality is due to the encoding), but also in terms of the art. I wouldn’t say I think the art is bad, but it feels uninspired and flat. There are some good shots, but overall it’s not really a joy to watch the show. I was also bothered by Kaoru, the loud and flamboyant character voiced by Mamoru Miyano, because I felt like he stole the spotlight from the actual main characters. A smaller, but not insignificant, annoyance was the references to fictional people, places and media within the show. I don’t have anything against that kind of worldbuilding in general, but in a relatively mundane romcom like this, it feels jarring and out of place (but hey, that’s just my opinion). These things led me to ultimately deciding to drop the show, because I feel like I can spend my time better on other shows.

Verdict: Some good things, lots of not-so-good things. Dropped.


Comic Girls

After just one episode of Comic Girls, I can tell that it’s going to be one of my favourite shows of the season, and one of my go-to feel-good shows. It probably won’t live up to Yorimoi and Yuru Camp from last season, but it doesn’t have to be. It can just be its own thing, and it’s great at that. It’s about 4 girls who live in an all-girl environment and draw manga, kind of like a Hidamari Sketch where everyone is Sae, but with their original personalities. This is not just an offhanded remark, because Moeta is very Yuno, Koyume is Miya, Ruki is Hiro and Tsubasa is Sae. The parallels are obviously there, at least in my mind.

Spring 2018 Comic Girls

Beds are for adults.

Anyway, the show has substance too. The story about 4 girls trying to make it in the manga industry by living together and learning from each other contains some really relatable life situations such as impostor syndrome and fear of failure. But it’s not overly gloomy either, because the visuals are very colourful and dynamic, and there’s a wide variety of funny faces and hilarious animation. The show is very well put together, at least based on the first episode. I’m definitely continuing this.

Verdict: Great, fun, cute, comforting. Definitely continuing.


1 thought on “Spring 2018 First Impressions: Part 5

  1. I’m still holding out hope for Tada. I enjoyed the first episode even though it was pretty cliche and knowing that it isn’t a harem but a story of multiple loves makes me hopeful that this will be good.

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