I like other stuff too: Path of Exile

I’ve always liked video games, ever since my family got our first Playstation back in the mid-late ’90s. I spent a large part of my childhood playing games such as Counterstrike (which I was never any good at) and city-builders (Sim City 4 but also Emperor: ROTMK), though I did play outside as well, mainly with friends and my brother. In my later teenager years, from 2006 to 2010, I played World of Warcraft almost exclusively, as did many of my friends at the time. I quite WoW when I started studying at university in 2010, so as to be able to focus more on studying, which was (or at least sounded like) a good idea. Around this time I also got my first debit card, which meant I could buy games on Steam whenever I wanted (provided I didn’t bankrupt myself), so for the next few years I bought and played various games of various different genres, and had a lot of fun with it. In late 2012, though, I realised that I wasn’t really enjoying video games anymore, and so I stopped playing almost entirely. In retrospect, I’m pretty sure this was due to my worsening depression, and not because of the games themselves. Shortly thereafter, I started watching anime, an event that was tangentially related to my depression.

You can probably tell what’s going on here.

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Wow, it’s not anime for once: Religulous

My sister recently called me up on WhatsApp because she owed me some money. After we’d settled that we got to chit-chatting and she mentioned that maybe I’d like watching a movie called Religulous. To be specific, she recommended it to me because she said it “shows that ALL religions are crazy ;P” and that it’s “funny as hell”. At this point there were two things I didn’t mention to her: Firstly, that I had already seen the movie(because I forgot I had, which might speak volumes about my previous experience) and secondly, that I no longer am the militant anti-theist that I was in my earlier youth.

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