Winter 2018 First Impressions: Part 3

Toji no Miko

There was nothing outright wrong with this premiere, but there was also very little noteworthy about it. The first episode started with an action scene where some girls fight against a monster, and both the atmosphere of the scene as well as the designs reminded me a lot of Ga-Rei Zero, for better or for worse. The rest of the episode consisted of girls preparing for and eventually competing in some sort of sword-fighting tournament. I had a hard time understanding what the point of this tournament was, but I’m sure it’ll be explained or expanded upon in the next few episodes.

Winter 2018 Toji no Miko

She sure likes swords, huh?

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Winter 2018 First Impressions: Part 2

Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san

From the very start of the first episode, it was clear to me that this was going to be a show that can’t be carried solely by its premise. A person liking ramen isn’t interesting enough in itself, at least for me. And because this is a slice of life comedy with average visuals, it was going to have to either be very good in the comedy department, or be cute, gay and/or quirky to keep my interest.

Winter 2018 Ramen

One of the things this show really has going for it are the faces.

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Winter 2018 First Impressions: Part 1

It’s time for first impressions again! It’s going to be a pretty big season for me again, because I have some 20 shows that I plan on watching. As always, I’ll probably drop some of them, but it’s definitely going to be a hectic start. Fortunately I have no other obligations for the next 12 days, so I’ll have all the time in the world to watch, digest and write about all these new shows. Starting with

Sora yori mo Tooi Basho

I decided to pick this show up based on premise alone – I mean, who wouldn’t have their interest at least slightly piqued by “A bunch of girls go to Antarctica”? Say what you will about my criteria for trying new shows, but that’s an interesting idea, isn’t it? It’s not the only travel/camping-related show this season, because Yuru Camp will start airing in 2 days (and I’m definitely watching that too), but Sora yori mo Tooi Basho has the more exotic ideas, for sure.

Winter 2017 Yorimoi

This shot is like out of a movie, except maybe not as visually detailed.

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I like other stuff too: Path of Exile

I’ve always liked video games, ever since my family got our first Playstation back in the mid-late ’90s. I spent a large part of my childhood playing games such as Counterstrike (which I was never any good at) and city-builders (Sim City 4 but also Emperor: ROTMK), though I did play outside as well, mainly with friends and my brother. In my later teenager years, from 2006 to 2010, I played World of Warcraft almost exclusively, as did many of my friends at the time. I quite WoW when I started studying at university in 2010, so as to be able to focus more on studying, which was (or at least sounded like) a good idea. Around this time I also got my first debit card, which meant I could buy games on Steam whenever I wanted (provided I didn’t bankrupt myself), so for the next few years I bought and played various games of various different genres, and had a lot of fun with it. In late 2012, though, I realised that I wasn’t really enjoying video games anymore, and so I stopped playing almost entirely. In retrospect, I’m pretty sure this was due to my worsening depression, and not because of the games themselves. Shortly thereafter, I started watching anime, an event that was tangentially related to my depression.

You can probably tell what’s going on here.

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Fall 2017 First Impressions: Part 12

Wake Up, Girls! Shin Shou

I watched the 2nd and 3rd WUG movies last night, so that might explain why I wasn’t very impressed by this first episode. But, that’s not necessarily the only thing that affected my enjoyment. After all, the animation studio has changed, and so has the director. I’m glad to see Shin Itagaki take over for Yamakan (whose particular approaches to direction I have problems with), but I do miss the visuals that Ordet created for the original series and the movies.

Fall 2017 Wake Up Girls

They still look great in their animal costumes.

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Fall 2017 First Impressions: Part 11


I’ve already labeled quite a few shows this season as having unique or novel aspects to them, but I think Inuyashiki takes the cake. The titular character shakes up anime super hero norms by being 58 years old and looking considerably older. His origin story is sort of similar to Breaking Bad’s Walter White, that is being down on his luck and diagnosed with terminal cancer. But where the two diverge is when Inuyashiki’s flesh body is replaced with a robotic one, and he ends up using his powers for good (in the first episode, he saves another middle-aged man’s life).

Fall 2017 Inuyashiki

This is kind of beautiful in its own way.

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Fall 2017 First Impressions: Part 10

Children of the Whales

This is a good-looking show, and one with an interesting setting. The premise of an island floating around in an endless sea reminds me of Suisei no Gargantia, as does the plot point of a mysterious newcomer. These could be very good things, I guess. Unfortunately, that’s about as far as the good things go. Not that the rest of the show is bad, but… it didn’t wow me either. I was barely able to concentrate on watching most parts of the episode.

Fall 2017 Children of the Whales

I am impressed by how good this show looks.

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