Summer 2017 First Impressions: Part 4

Nanamaru Sanbatsu

This seems to be a very standard kind of sports show, in that it starts with an eccentric guy advertising his high school club, scaring away most people but managing to pique the interest of the main character, and another character. The main character is new to the sport in question but he does have a set of appropriate skills that he has acquired over his middle school years as a librarian. The other character, also apparently a main character, is more experienced.

Summer 2017 Nanamaru Sanbatsu

Not a bad-looking show!

The sport in question is quiz bowl, and in addition to it being a novel concept as far as the shows I’ve seen so far go, the thing I really like about it is that the other main character is a girl. Usually in (physical) sports shows the members of the team are all the same gender (for historic and rule reasons), and that’s kind of unfortunate. But this is different, and that in itself is interesting enough for me to continue this show. I guess it also helps that it looks good and that the quizzes were exciting.

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