Spring 2017 Mid-season Mega Post Part 2

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku

Yet another sequel, but this is one that I looked forward to greatly, because Natsume Yuujinchou is one of my favourite series of all time. It was, however, at its time of announcement, quite a surprise to me that Season 6 would air only 3 months after Season 5 ended, considering there were 4.5 years between Seasons 4 and 5. The dramatic change in scheduling is probably related to the fact that Seasons 5 and 6 are handled by a different studio than the first 4 seasons, but in any case, I’m extremely happy to have more Natsume to watch.

Natsume Roku 1

I’m also surprised by how different Season 6 feels compared to Season 5. While Season 5 felt more like a continuation of the worldbuilding established in Seasons 3 and 4 where many of the stories connected to each other, Season 6 has so far been much more similar to Seasons 1 and 2, that is to say it has consisted mostly of episodic stories. And I really prefer it this way. Season 6 feels like the show is returning to its roots, and that’s wonderful.

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Going Down The List: Uchouten Kazoku


Uchouten Kazoku aired in Summer 2013, which was only approximately half a year after I had started watching anime. As such, it ended up being the first airing show that I awarded a full 10, signifying that I thought it was a masterpiece. Its score has survived many re-evaluations, which means that I still consider it a masterpiece, even though I’ve only seen it that one time. And this is why I’m so unbelievably excited for the sequel, Uchouten Kazoku 2, which will begin airing in Spring 2017.

Going Down The List: Uchouten Kazoku 1

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