Going Down The List: Yuyushiki


I must make a confession, a confession that might make me unpopular: I didn’t actually like Yuyushiki that much. I watched it all when it aired, but I haven’t touched it since July 2013. I wasn’t very excited when I heard there was going to be an OVA many years later (I was more interested in the Kiniro Mosaic OVA), and I’m not even a big fan of all the fan art.

GDTL Yuyushiki 1

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Going Down The List: Aiura

So, here’s an idea for a new series: I’m going to write about every anime series I’ve finished at least one season of(or movie or OVA series). It’s not going to be a series of full reviews, that would take way too long, but I realised that I had something I wanted to say about almost all the shows I’d seen.

The format is going to be highly fluid. I’ll probably focus on different things for every show, because that’s going to be the whole point. I don’t want to compare or rank shows, I just want to show what it is I remember about each show. Also, I’m going to be going down my list in alphabetical order.

Anyway, that’s enough introduction for now, so, without further ado, here’s the first post(release schedule pending):


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