Going Down The List: Zankyou no Terror


Like most, if not all, of the shows Shinichiro Watanabe has been involved in, Zankyou no Terror has an air of quality and refinement to it that to some extent sets it apart from other shows, and definitely from most of the other shows airing in the same season that ZnT aired in (Summer 2014) – I’m looking at you Aldnoah.Zero. To use some ambiguous terminology that I’m not overly fond of, I’d say that Zankyou no Terror looked more “adult” than most anime nowadays.

GDTL Zankyou no Terror 1

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Going Down The List: Barakamon


Another fairly recent show, Barakamon aired in Summer 2014, i.e. the season when nothing else good aired. Ok, that might be overly harsh toward Zankyou no Terror, but that’s still the general feeling I get when I think about that season. Barakamon was kind of the exception, because I actually enjoyed almost every episode of it. It was a relaxing show above all, but I also liked its themes about childishness and adulthood, achievements and pressure. When I watched it I was kind of in a bad place where I couldn’t really relate to Handa even though I totally should’ve been able to, but in retrospect I really appreciate what it was trying to say.

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Going Down The List: Akira


From talking to other people who have seen the movie and know more than me about Japanese history, I know that Akira references the nuclear bombing of Japan during WW2. And as I watched the movie, I could see that. The theme of a power growing until it can’t be controlled anymore represents both the history of nuclear proliferation and the nature of the chain reaction that makes a fission bomb explode.

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