Spring 2018 First Impressions: Part 13

Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii

There seems to be a growing interest lately in anime about adults (otaku or not) who go to work in the days and deepen their interpersonal relationships at night, which is a fairly mundane genre when you think about it. But it’s a very interesting one compared to the more usual genres of school romance and fantasy.

Spring 2018 Wotakoi

I love the characters already.

Wotakoi is this kind of show, and while I was initially on the fence about picking it up (fearing it would be excessively gross), I ended up being really positively surprised by what I saw in the first episode. The characters are cute and funny, and they make great faces. Most importantly, though, they’re good to each other. They’re not necessarily nice all of the time, but they don’t make each other feel bad either, at least not on purpose. And that’s really important to me, because I want to enjoy this show in good spirits. So let’s hope that lasts, but for now I’m definitely continuing.

Verdict: Surprisingly enjoyable first episode. Continuing.


Hisone to Maso-tan

I was looking forward to this show a lot, so it was disappointing to hear it got picked up by, and squatted on, by Netflix. Fortunately there are now fansubs for the first episode, but it is unfortunate to have to rely on them. Even more so when the first episode ended up being so wonderful. I don’t know if it exceeded my expectations, it’s more like it side-stepped them and surprised me thoroughly in a very positive way.

Spring 2018 Hisomaso

The dragon is so cute.

First of all, the art style stands out a lot. The character designs are simple and round, and the line art is thick, but I wouldn’t call it a characteristically “moe” style (which I had expected it to be). That’s not to say it’s not cute, though. It’s very cute, and the characters are extremely expressive. The dialogue of the characters is also very expressive, which I didn’t expect (again, I expected a more regular “moe” kind of show). In terms of the show’s outstanding (in the literal sense) presentation, it kind of mostly reminds me of shows like Flip Flappers and Girls’ Last Tour. You know, shows that look and feel kind of “different”. And this is a very good thing. I’ll continue this.

Verdict: This stands out in some very good ways. Continuing.


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