Recycling Weekly: Disaster!

No, this is not about a show called “Disaster!” It’s a disaster because I’ve run out of essays to recycle! You’ve probably noticed over the past month and a half that I’ve gone from posting an essay on one show to posting essays about two different shows to posting two short collections of notes apiece for two different shows. That’s because I exhausted my good stuff early on and had to start scraping the bottom of the barrel, but now I’ve run out of those disconnected note collections as well. I could continue by recycling random episodic posts about shows that aired in the past year or so, but even I’m not that vain.

And that means it’s time for this series to end. Thank you all for reading. I hope I was able to be at least somewhat entertaining, insightful and/or informative. I’m currently trying to think of something new I could do on Wednesdays from now on, but I haven’t come up with any fun ideas yet. So, for the time being the only semi-regular series I’ll have is the Season Spotlight series on Fridays(the next post will be this week, i.e. Friday the 14th). So, see you all then!